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Eco Wave Power was a participant of the second cohort of Maze X

Eco Wave Power


Patented technology for the generation of clean electricity from ocean and sea waves. The technology is comprised of unique floaters shapes that are attached to existing marine structures such as breakwaters, piers and jetties.

Electric Feel


A mobility solution that provides a complete system solution to introduce and operate fleets of shared electric vehicles: e-bikes, e-scooters. They provide the platform to local operators in cities, who can be entrepreneurs, corporates or public transport companies.



A mobile platform, programmable accessories, and a community to teach programming to young girls. The mobile application pairs with the smart accessories and introduces users to coding in a fun, tangible and engaging way.

Mystery Minds


Smart match-making solutions to corporates where employees can sign up with specific purpose and get matched automatically to one ore more colleagues.

NU Rise was a participant of the second cohort of Maze X the impact startup accelerator.

NU Rise


A medical equipment solution that allows doctors to monitor the level of radiation being delivered near tumours and surrounding organs at risk.



A key-word searchable social app that connects people through common interests, values and experiences. Panion helps established networks like organizations, schools and companies build and maintain their own communities.



A digital reusable packaging-as-a-service system for take-away, delivery and convenience food to eliminate single-use packaging waste.



Clothes that need less care (no iron, no stains, no smell) and give comfort to the user (breathable plastic, no sweat patches), having the minimum environmental impact possible.



Hardware that enables fishermen to easily specify the wavelength, intensity, polarization and flash-pattern of the light it emits, to better attract the size and species of fish they are licensed to catch.



A research-driven and peer-reviewed reading environment that reduces difficulties and improves reading ability targeting dyslexia, through tools such as a mobile app, OmoType font system, Google Chrome integration, among others.

Credit: Thukral and Tagra Studio.

Social Impact: what’s all the fuss about?


Since I joined MAZE, I have learned quite a bit on the meaning of impact. The most important thing is that impact, whether social or environmental, is the greatest social economic opportunity of our time. Once you get it, you cannot forget it. Here’s how I see it: What is social impact? Social impact is […]

Knok healthcare closes a €1.7m investment to accelerate the democratisation of access to health, through video consultations

🌱Knok healthcare closes a €1.7m investment to accelerate the democratisation of access to health, through video consultations


We are proud to lead this round for the Porto-based startup that improves access to essential healthcare services, along with Fundo de Inovação Social.

Knok is one of the partner companies of Mustard Seed MAZE impact VC fund.



House and video calls on demand, addressing the needs of the entire population, especially elders and children.

Payments for Ecosystem Services explained: financing the planet’s regeneration


More than half of the world’s total GDP is dependent on Nature [1]. There is an intrinsic and commonly recognizable value to the natural world, that is reflected, economically, in the concept of ecosystem services. So, how do these services work?

Academia de Código


14-week coding bootcamps that targets unemployed young adults to give them the confidence and the skills to access to opportunities they would never be able to otherwise.



A systemic solution for the future of food using bio-circular economy principles in indoor farming to allow the storage of energy in food production.



A smart online language learning service for professionals that combines AI-powered self-study courses and native language coaches from the refugee community.

Cuidar de Quem Cuida


7-month training for multidisciplinary teams to create a specialized response to the needs of informal caregivers providing them the skills they need to support their loved ones.

Faz-Te Forward


5-month programme that promotes the insertion of unemployed young adults into the job market through an intensive training program, based on soft skills training, coaching and mentoring.



A smart reusable shopping bag that connects the customer’s phone and rewards them with exclusive discounts while allowing users to plant trees every time they bring their bag.



Sustainable delivery-first kitchens that use technology to reduce food waste and energy consumption whilst housing a selection of each city’s favourite restaurants and chefs.



A mobile and web app that brings civic engagement to the 21st century where users submit and vote proposals while decision-makers get a new channel of civic interaction.



HR tech solution that helps companies discover what their people value at every stage of the talent lifecycle, from attraction to management to retention.

Projeto Família


6-week intensive support to families followed by 12-month ongoing support to reduce the number of children and youth at risk that enter the care system.



On-demand microinsurance provider offering a digital system for risk calculation, matching, design of insurance terms and claims settlement for the circular economy.



The rental solution that is reimagining ownership by enabling products to be fully used, avoiding waste and promoting the shift towards sustainable consumption.



A sharing economy app for childcare where parents meet other parents, plan playdates and trade free, spontaneous babysitting among trusted friends.



A platform that offers exclusive high-quality capsule collections made of industrial textile that would otherwise go to waste thus upending the ‘fast fashion’ trend.

Student Finance


A platform that scrapes real-time job market data and partners with education providers to finance educational outcomes through Income Share Agreements (ISAs).

Trigger Systems


An automated irrigation system that recommends the most efficient plans based on crop and environment whilst reducing water and energy consumption.



A people management platform for food businesses that provides financial security, growth and fulfilment to their staff while optimizing staff work scheduling between businesses.

Four ideas to embed impact within an organisation

Four ideas to embed impact within an organisation


‘The next decade will be defined by companies that have a social and environmental purpose’, said a partner of Index Ventures, one of the largest venture capital funds in Europe. The CEO of Y Combinator, one of the leading accelerators in the world which has invested in companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, among many others, also […]

Privacy Policy


If you would like to adjust, access, remove, or opt-out your personal data at any time, please email your request to us directly at This Privacy Policy regulates the treatment of personal data of users (hereinafter “user” or “users”), collected in connection with the use of the website, by Maze Impact SA. (hereinafter […]

ouse party and good times. Picture by Eric Nopanen

10 ways to keep your online community engaged (or to throw a great house party)


There’s nothing like a good house party, right? You’re not alone. I feel you.
Well, let me tell you there are at least 10 ways a good online community is somewhat like a good house party. For clarity, and as program manager, I will use the example of Maze X, an impact startup accelerator based in Lisbon, Portugal, to explain how we have succeeded in getting the party started and going. I hope these action-oriented tips help you to create great community engagement — or throw an amazing house party after the pandemic.

Sofia Queiroz © Mustard Seed MAZE

My first 90 Days in Venture


After spending almost three years as a consultant, it has been three months since I have officially made the move to being an investment analyst at Mustard Seed MAZE impact VC fund. The past few months have been both challenging and rewarding. In many ways, venture is like an infinite hike and I am only in the beginning. If you are interested in partaking this journey too, here’s what helped me get started.


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