We are a group of millennials focused on finding purpose in our lives. We find inspiration in hard-working entrepreneurs that aim for ambitious outcomes. Inside the MAZE, we keep our feet firmly on the ground, decode better solutions for society’s most pressing problems and make social change happen.

guiding lights

MAZE results from an extraordinary vision set forward by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian: impact-driven organisations have access to adequate skills, capital and intelligence in order to deliver predictable and better outcomes.

MAZE was born out of Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian in 2013 (as Laboratório de Investimento Social) to promote this vision. Since day one, we are inspired and guided by Gulbenkian’s infinite belief in human potential as a driver for positive change.

our team

António Miguel

Managing Partner

António is responsible for MAZE’s capital and public sector advisory work. He has been working in impact investment for +10 years in the UK, Canada and Continental Europe. He founded MAZE and previously was an Associate at Social Finance UK. Holds a MSc in Business Administration from Católica Business School. Wants to ride his vespa as far as he can.

Luís Fonseca


Luis is a management and strategy consultant turned into an impact entrepreneur. He was an Associate at McKinsey & Co where he advised multinationals from various industries and was a Marketing Manager at Procter & Gamble in Geneva. MBA from INSEAD and MSc in Marketing from ESADE. Still dreams of pursuing a promising career as a percussionist.

Rita Casimiro

Head of Acceleration

Rita has supported +50 impact ventures and provided over 2,000 hours of venture support across three acceleration programmes. Previously was an analyst at CrossRail in the UK and was also a consultanat in Aga Khan Foundation. BSc in Management from Bath University and MSc in Management from NOVA SBE. Master in Finance candidate at Católica Business School. Runs marathons when most people are still sleeping.

João Santos

Investment Principal

João has structured the first impact investment deals in Portugal which led to the successful raising of +1,5M€ for ventures. Previously seconded at MaRS Centre for Impact Investing in Toronto and worked at Rocket Internet in Singapore. BSc in Economics and MSc in Management from NOVA SBE. Probably the quickest person to move from complicated excel formulas to a state of meditation.

Margarida Anselmo

Head of Public Sector

Margarida is leading the public sector advisory work where she has been successfully managing several Social Impact Bonds. Previously seconded at MaRS Centre for impact Investing in Toronto. MSc in Economics and International Management from NOVA SBE and UCD. When not working on her drawings, most likely she is connecting to one of her 7 sibblings spread across the world.

Cristina Almeida

Head of Communications

Cristina is in charge of brand, communications and community management. She was an analyst at EY, seconded at Impact Investment Group in Australia and learned the ins and outs of start-ups at Mellow. BSc in Economics from NOVA SBE, BSc in Political Science from ISCSP. Her hobbies include studying Psychology and dancing like no one is watching.

Ângela Silva

Acceleration Associate

Ângela is responsible for our corporate engagement and she is our minimalist in residence. She is passionate about designing simple solutions for complex problems. She was a consultant at KPMG and a product manager at NOS. She thrives in the flourishing territory where technology, business and empathy meet. BsC in Computer Science at Universidade Nova de Lisboa and Engineering and MsC in Business at Universidade Católica.

Afonso Fontoura

Acceleration Associate

Afonso manages Amplifica, our acceleration program in the north of Portugal where he brings impact business ideas into the light. Previously worked in IES – Social Business School and B Lab Portugal. Afonso was also a Project Manager at WACT in São Tomé e Príncipe. M.Sc. Sustainable Development HEC Paris with Double Degree at FGV SP. Still dreams of becoming the Portuguese Jamie Oliver.

Inês Charro

Public Sector Analyst

Inês works across our public sector projects excelling at impact and finance models, research and benchmarking. Previously worked at BCG and left a piece of her heart in Angola. MSc in Finance and International Management from NOVA SBE. When not binge writing master thesis, Inês can be found in a concert of a band that nobody probably ever heard of.

Marta Costa

Acceleration Intern

Marta supports all efforts regarding our acceleration programs. Previously volunteered in Mozambique and in a refugee camp in Calais, France. Her areas of interest are cooperation and development. BSc in Political Science and International Relations. She is the master organizer you wished you could always go on holidays with.

our advisors

Carla Antunes da Silva


at Lloyds Bank

Carla is a Board Member of MAZE since day one. Carla makes use of her extensive knowledge of the financial sector to provide strategic insights to the management team while mentoring some of our team members along the way.

Luís Jerónimo


at Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation

Luis was awarded our first MAZE Runner Award and it could not be any other way. He has made MAZE what is it today, working tirelessly in the backstage to make us all feel privileged for working intrinsically with the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation. In good and bad times, Luís is always there for us.

Firoz Ladak


at The Edmond de Rothschild Foundations

Firoz is our challenger in chief, making us punch above our weight and having sound ambitions about what lies ahead. Firoz keeps us at the forefront of impact without ever forgetting the underlying principles that guide MAZE’s work.

Jane Newman

International Director

at Social Finance UK

Jane has witnessed the evolution of MAZE from a piece of paper in a London coffee shop in 2013 to what it is today. Jane’s thought leadership and experience in impact have inspired all of MAZE’s work streams as well as the outcomes of our delivery.

Adam Jagelewski

Lead Executive

at MARS Centre for Impact Investing

Adam is our critical friend, always asking the questions that matter when they matter. Adam’s experience in impact investment in North America bring expertise and pragmatism to our interactions, ensuring that we never forget the “so what” of the work we do.

Davide Invernizzi


at Cariplo Foundation

Davide as joined MAZE’s Board to inspire us with the fantastic impact-related work undertaken by Fondazione Cariplo in Italy. Davide actively helps us thinking about the next bounce of the ball, always with an eye on technology, whilst resting true to basic principles that never get old, like the transparency about the impact created.

Henry Wigan

Director of Investment

at Mustard Seed

Henry has such an active role as advisor to MAZE that our relationship has evolved into a long-term mission-aligned partnership to create an innovative impact VC fund at the European level. Henry always brings a unique combination of technical expertise and wholeheartedness to our interactions.

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PLMJ is a partner of MAZE since 2018