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André Figueiredo e Bruno Ferreira are THE MAZE Runners of 2019

Each year, MAZE awards a MAZE Runner. This year, there are two people who stood out for their tireless role that allowed the success of MAZE and supported projects.

This year, there was not only one but two people who wore the cape of silent heroes. André Figueiredo and Bruno Ferreira are the winners of MAZE Runner Award of 2019. With this award, we honour their efforts in helping MAZE paving the way towards effective solutions for society’s most pressing challenges. André and Bruno are both Partners at PLMJ, the Portuguese law firm that has been highlighted by placing the impact as a strategic axis of its activity.

The 2019 MAZE Runners are responsible for the recent partnership that resulted in PLMJ as the Corporate Partner of Maze-X accelerator programme and, for outlying the legal structure of our impact venture capital fund, MSM. Thanks to them and their efforts, several projects have access to capital, skills and accessory they need to achieve their goals.

Bruno and André are on the right side of the history and we’re proud to work with them every day in meaningful projects.

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