Gereon Wellmann, Author at MAZE - Decoding Impact
Credit: Thukral and Tagra Studio.

Social Impact: what’s all the fuss about?


Since I joined MAZE, I have learned quite a bit on the meaning of impact. The most important thing is that impact, whether social or environmental, is the greatest social economic opportunity of our time. Once you get it, you cannot forget it. Here’s how I see it: What is social impact? Social impact is […]

ouse party and good times. Picture by Eric Nopanen

10 ways to keep your online community engaged (or to throw a great house party)


There’s nothing like a good house party, right? You’re not alone. I feel you.
Well, let me tell you there are at least 10 ways a good online community is somewhat like a good house party. For clarity, and as program manager, I will use the example of Maze X, an impact startup accelerator based in Lisbon, Portugal, to explain how we have succeeded in getting the party started and going. I hope these action-oriented tips help you to create great community engagement — or throw an amazing house party after the pandemic.

5 tips for shifting a startup accelerator programme to online

5 tips for shifting a startup accelerator programme to online


Confronted with COVID-19, my team and I had to move the accelerator to online ASAP. Here are some of the main lessons we’ve learned throughout the preparation process.


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