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Some indicators from the MAZE impact report

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What is MAZE? We are almost 10 years young, and it is still challenging to answer this question in one sentence. Truly, we do not fit into one single box, nor do we want to. St. Augustine noted this challenge, too: What is time then? If nobody asks me, I know; but if I were […]

Putting money where your mouth is — impact incentives for fund managers


Incentives are everywhere and dictate our behaviour, as individuals and as organisations. The energy transition that we are currently witnessing is a great example of this, whereby an increasing adoption of renewable sources of energy or electric vehicles is a result of tax and monetary incentives, shaping the behaviour according to the goals of policymakers […]

António Miguel at an MSM investor dinner.

The impact of the European funds on impact


The European funds had a positive impact on social innovation in Portugal. The impact in the coming years depends on the decisions that will happen in the very near future. Losing this opportunity now means that we will only be able to have it again six years from now. Continuing the work done means getting closer and closer to finding better solutions to the problems we face.

Four ideas to embed impact within an organisation

Four ideas to embed impact within an organisation


‘The next decade will be defined by companies that have a social and environmental purpose’, said a partner of Index Ventures, one of the largest venture capital funds in Europe. The CEO of Y Combinator, one of the leading accelerators in the world which has invested in companies such as Airbnb, Dropbox, Reddit, among many others, also […]

The opportunity to improve the lives of half the population


There are 3.9 billion women in the world which corresponds to 49% of the world’s population. However, and despite the fact that women drive about 85% of consumption decisions [1], most products have not been developed considering their specific needs. There are several examples that corroborate this phenomenon. Basic life support training for resuscitation from […]

2018 marks the third anniversary of the public launch of the report entitled “A blueprint for Portugal’s emerging social investment market” setting out a national strategy for investment and social innovation. The following report monitors the progress made thus far regarding the five recommendations set out three years ago.

Portuguese Social Investment Taskforce Progress Report


On June 20 2018, the Portuguese Social Investment Taskforce gathered to reflect on the progress made thus far regarding the national strategy for invstment and social innovation set out in 2015

Cross-Sector Collaboration for Better Social Outcomes evpa and MAZE

Cross-Sector Collaboration for Better Social Outcomes


European Venture Philanthropy Association partnered with MAZE to produce a report on the learnings from various examples of cross-sector collaboration for social outcomes


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