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A mobile platform, programmable accessories, and a community to teach programming to young girls. The mobile application pairs with the smart accessories and introduces users to coding in a fun, tangible and engaging way.



A research-driven and peer-reviewed reading environment that reduces difficulties and improves reading ability targeting dyslexia, through tools such as a mobile app, OmoType font system, Google Chrome integration, among others.

Academia de Código


14-week coding bootcamps that targets unemployed young adults to give them the confidence and the skills to access to opportunities they would never be able to otherwise.

Faz-Te Forward


5-month programme that promotes the insertion of unemployed young adults into the job market through an intensive training program, based on soft skills training, coaching and mentoring.

Student Finance


A platform that scrapes real-time job market data and partners with education providers to finance educational outcomes through Income Share Agreements (ISAs).


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