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Her impact is one of the startups of the third cohort of Maze X, the impact startup accelerator

Her impact


A community-based platform that provides a network and resources to women to support them in their professional and personal growth.

betterfish is one of the startups of the third cohort of Maze X, the impact startup accelerator



Transforming regenerative and nutritious cultivated European seaweed into plant-based seafood, as an alternative to products such as canned tuna.

Amparo is one of the startups of the third cohort of Maze X, the impact startup accelerator



A prosthetic device for lower limb amputees that can be moulded to the amputee’s residual limb in a short period of time, reducing the waiting time for amputees as well as the cost for prosthetic clinics.

tl;dv raised investment from MSM in 2020



Interactive meeting recorder that empowers employees to live and work on their own schedule.

Outmind is part of the portolfio companies from MSM impact fund



The first fully plug & play internal search engine that accelerates access to relevant data which is spread among today’s workplace applications.

Mystery Minds


Smart match-making solutions to corporates where employees can sign up with specific purpose and get matched automatically to one ore more colleagues.

Academia de Código


14-week coding bootcamps that targets unemployed young adults to give them the confidence and the skills to access to opportunities they would never be able to otherwise.



A smart online language learning service for professionals that combines AI-powered self-study courses and native language coaches from the refugee community.

Faz-Te Forward


5-month programme that promotes the insertion of unemployed young adults into the job market through an intensive training program, based on soft skills training, coaching and mentoring.



HR tech solution that helps companies discover what their people value at every stage of the talent lifecycle, from attraction to management to retention.

Student Finance


A platform that scrapes real-time job market data and partners with education providers to finance educational outcomes through Income Share Agreements (ISAs).



A people management platform for food businesses that provides financial security, growth and fulfilment to their staff while optimizing staff work scheduling between businesses.


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