Code for All is running for the Chivas Venture award - MAZE - Decoding Impact

Code for All is running for the Chivas Venture award

Code for All is running for Chivas Venture $200k prize

Our partnership with Code for All started with the very first Social Impact Bond ever launched in Portugal. Thanks to this SIB, we found that our younger students have improved their maths and logic abilities as a result of attending the junior coding lessons.

All in all, Code for All main focus is to teach unemployed talent how to code. In their 14-week intensive bootcamps, they transform bright minds into passionate junior software developers, supporting them until they find a job they love. The Code for All bootcamps have a 96% rate of employability.

After winning the portuguese final, Code for All are running for a $200k prize in the international contest of Chivas Venture. This prize will allow them to reach more people, more quickly. After starting pilot projects in Poland, Italy, Greece and Macau, they are now preparing for their next big step: international success. They are also planning to run bootcamps in prisons and funding will allow them access to such institutions.

How can we help them win? By giving 20 seconds of our time to vote on their venture. Help Code for All scale their impact, today!

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