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Maze X startup accelerator – Week 10

On week 10, we had Maze X Sunset 4 took place at Casa do Impacto

Goals: GDPR baby, breakfast with Diogo Cruz, dance the stress away.

General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) was like Lady Gaga. When it came out, one either loved it or hated it. Nobody felt indifferent.
Then, ‘A Star is Born’ came out and it brought new insight on how Angelina Germanotta became Lady Gaga and reactions were less polarised.
The audience understood where she was coming from and empathised. That is precisely what PLMJ did for the Maze X startups’ perspective on GDPR.

On week 10 of Maze X, the founders sat with PLMJ lawyers to learn how to decode GDPR and see it as an opportunity instead of a burden. Also, Diogo Cruz, current Head of Digital Marketing at Ativobank, joined us for breakfast to share how getting to Silicon Valley at 21, shaped the person he is today. Last but never least, we nurtured our minds and bodies with Dance Dance Dance on Maze X Sunset #4 hello summer.

GDPR workshop with PLMJ

The founders met Daniel Reis, partner of PLMJ, for a half-day session on GDPR. PLMJ is a corporate partner of Maze X and supports the Maze X startups on all legal matters. Daniel leads a dedicated team of experts on technology and legal privacy matters. Throughout the session, the founders got to explain the difficulties they were facing with GDPR and got valuable feedback on how to overcome those challenges.

SitEinander learned to see data regulation from the customer’s perspective, which usually does not have the time to study the exact data protection guidelines for each product. Therefore, it is vital to present the complicated Privacy Policy as transparent and straightforward as possible. It is as essential for the company’s information to be safe as to ensure that the customer feels secure and comfortable as well while trusting us with his/her data. GDPR is, in fact, an opportunity if startups learn to leverage the regulation to make their customers feel respected, protected and thus more loyal.

Before the GDPR workshop, I spent hours searching the internet to figure out GDPR and the information was really confusing. I found a lot of information about what GDPR was, but I could not find any guidelines on what kinds of action steps must be taken right now for a startup. The workshop gave me clear guidance on exactly what we have to do to be GDPR compliant.” said Jordan, Chief Data Analyst at TUKI.

Breakfast with Diogo Cruz

Diogo Cruz started his entrepreneurial journey when he was 19 years old, in Bairro Alto. Diogo needed an idea for a business plan for his marketing class and, one night, his friends from Técnico shared with him the idea that led them to the creation of Diogo’s first startup, EMOVE. With EMOVE, Diogo got to Silicon Valley. Diogo was 21 years old when he sold the company.

After this, Diogo created two other startups, HelloFresh and Vertty. With Vertty, an eCommerce beach towel company, Diogo raised half a million from a business angel that allowed him to sell in 46 countries. After a lot of rollercoaster trips (worth listening to in-person), Diogo decided to leave Vertty.

 Having a 6 digit amount in his bank account at the age of 22 and having to go through the experience of letting go people from his team, were difficult responsibilities he had to deal with. Diogo learned that there is a lot at stake when one decides to become an entrepreneur. Not only the risk of becoming unemployed if something fails, but being responsible for the whole team, which implies a huge level of responsibility and pressure.

After this young entrepreneurial journey, Diogo decided to leverage on all the digital experience he learnt and joined the corporate world. Even though there is a somewhat feeling of safety in the corporate world that an entrepreneur does not feel, there is also a lower level of freedom and agility to create. It seems there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch. Still, regardless of the context you work in, the important thing is to keep engaged, feel part of a bigger mission and show up to life every day with your best self.

Maze X Sunset #4

We work hard at Maze X. That is why we take dancing so seriously. It is proven to reduce stress, boost memory, improve flexibility, and you still get to meet new people. Maze X Sunsets were created to foster connection and bring new people into the scene. Since we started in May, we met ambitious entrepreneurs, employees from our corporate partners that are thrilled to engage with the ecosystem and a lot of talented dancers. This time, we thank Jo and  Tropical Beats for taking over the decks and bringing the Dance Dance Dance community into the scene. Take a look here.

Only two weeks to go before the acceleration period ends. On the following six months, the founders will benefit from a free co-working space at Casa do Impacto and an international roadshow to showcase their solutions in three European Cities. With so much to do, and so much to see I can’t believe we are trapped in ‘Shallow‘ again. Help. And sorry.

Maze X was conceived and initiated by the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations and MAZE, with the law firm PLMJ joining as a founding corporate member and BNP Paribas, Hospital da Luz Learning Health, Casa do Impacto as partners.

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