Read our 8-year impact report - MAZE - Decoding Impact

Read our 8-year impact report

Some indicators from the MAZE impact report

What is MAZE? We are almost 10 years young, and it is still challenging to answer this question in one sentence. Truly, we do not fit into one single box, nor do we want to. St. Augustine noted this challenge, too: What is time then? If nobody asks me, I know; but if I were desirous to explain it to one that should ask me plainly, I do not know. At heart, every one of us working at MAZE knows exactly who we are and what we are for. The same is true for whoever we have the privilege to work with.

A simple image that describes this is a toolbox that we offer to everyone committed to delivering positive social and environmental outcomes. It is through various tools, acting together or in isolation, that we deliver specific impact goals and strategies.

In our 8-year impact report, you will learn our approach to impact and get acquainted with our 2021 toolkit that explains how:

  • We accelerate startup ventures who want to grow their commercial outcomes and impact
  • We build long-term partnerships with corporates to help them innovate rather than shy away from impact.
  • We partner with the public sector to drive innovation in social services.
  • We invest in early-stage impact ventures through our venture capital fund (MSM).
  • We deliver a best-in-class platform to support our ventures in a meaningful and efficient way.
  • We strive to build the best teams, at MAZE and beyond MAZE.

Looking back and going forward, MAZE is the combination of things that we do towards a common goal: supporting entrepreneurs, investors, businesses, and governments in having more and lasting positive social and environmental impact. We are constantly evolving, experimenting, dropping things that do not work, and scaling those that prove to work and fulfil our mission.

In a world of complex social and environmental challenges, we would be dishonest by simply focusing on one single tool to address these challenges. Our toolbox encompasses both financial (for example, venture capital, social impact bonds) and non-financial tools (for example, growth programmes, advisory). We built and bundled these tools to prove that impact is the greatest economic opportunity of our time.

We thank you and hope you have the time to fulfil this mission with us.

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