Projeto Família

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Parenting support to avoid unnecessary foster care placements

Projeto Família is an innovative intervention that works through a preventative approach, by building parenting skills and providing intensive support with the aim of avoiding unnecessary foster care placements. It is implemented by MDV, a social enterprise founded 40 years ago and responds to the fidelity measures of Home Builders, an evidence-based intervention in the USA.

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  • 200+

    children at risk reached
  • 50%

    avoidance of foster care placements rate

what we’ve done

We have started working with Projeto Família in 2015, when João Santos, our Associate, assessed the feasibility of funding the intervention through a Social Impact Bond. This work was João's master thesis when he was a research intern at the Lab and laid the foundations to the successful launch of Projeto Família as a Social Impact Bond in July 2017.

  • 430k €

    raised for a Social Impact Bond

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