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Putting money where your mouth is — impact incentives for fund managers


Incentives are everywhere and dictate our behaviour, as individuals and as organisations. The energy transition that we are currently witnessing is a great example of this, whereby an increasing adoption of renewable sources of energy or electric vehicles is a result of tax and monetary incentives, shaping the behaviour according to the goals of policymakers […]

Knok healthcare closes a €1.7m investment to accelerate the democratisation of access to health, through video consultations

🌱Knok healthcare closes a €1.7m investment to accelerate the democratisation of access to health, through video consultations


We are proud to lead this round for the Porto-based startup that improves access to essential healthcare services, along with Fundo de Inovação Social.

Sofia Queiroz © Mustard Seed MAZE

My first 90 Days in Venture


After spending almost three years as a consultant, it has been three months since I have officially made the move to being an investment analyst at Mustard Seed MAZE impact VC fund. The past few months have been both challenging and rewarding. In many ways, venture is like an infinite hike and I am only in the beginning. If you are interested in partaking this journey too, here’s what helped me get started.

Ana Pinheiro © Mustard Seed MAZE

How Biology, Acting and Film prepared me for the VC world


When I was asked what my dream job was, I answered different things throughout my life: a doctor, a biologist, a writer, an actress, a director, a film teacher at university. None of these became true. While searching for a career path, I dealt with a significant amount of frustration. I wandered in the fields of Biology, Theatre and Film, and through the fear of yet another wrong choice, I learned resilience.

Rui Bento, Nuno Rodrigues from Kitch © Mustard Seed MAZE

🌱Kitch seals €1 million Pre-Seed Funding to build sustainable delivery-first virtual kitchens


We are proud to lead the pre-seed funding round for the Lisbon-based startup that wants to bring everyone’s favourite food to their homes sustainably was along with Seedcamp.

Emanuel Badehi Kullander, Ola Lowden and Tobias Mård, co-founders of Omocom © Mustard Seed MAZE

🌱Omocom raises €3.7 million to provide micro-insurances for the circular economy


We are proud to lead Omocom latest €3.7 million investment round along with Inventure.

Guilherme Guerra, Carlota Carmo and Francisco Bento from Rnters © Mustard Seed MAZE

🌱 Rnters, a marketplace for everyday items, raises €200k to tackle overconsumption


We are proud to participate in Rnters latest 200k pre-seed round following Techstars, in partnership with Semapa NEXT.

Nico Blier-Silvestri, co-founder of Platypus and ex-Revolut Chief People Officer. © MSM, 2020

🌱Platypus prepares companies for the future of work


We are proud to lead Platypus latest $2.5 million investment round along with Inventure and Vækstfonden.

Primeira reunião anual de investidores do fundo de impacto Mustard Seed MAZE

First annual unit holder meeting from MSM fund


First annual unit holder meeting of the anticipated Portuguese impact venture capital fund – MSM – received its 26 investors in Lisbon.


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