We are on a neverending mission to find MAZE runners. Those for whom social and environmental problems are never bigger than our collective ability to solve them. Those that live under the fine balance of pragmatic actions and disruptive goals. If you are one, we really want to hear from you and work together.

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Maze X

a 3-month accelerator program, based in Lisbon, Portugal, designed to put ambitious impact ventures on the road to becoming an impact unicorn.



6-week pre-acceleration programme for tech-based solutions for society's most pressing challenges.


Montepio Social Tech

3-month incubation and acceleration programme for tech-based early stage ventures which are testing new solutions.

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If you are a MAZE runner at heart, are keen to run the extra mile and can combine an analytical mindset with a relentless driver for social change, we would love to meet you.

Job opportunity

Communications Internship

What are we looking for?

An energetic and charismatic person to boost create content for Maze X – our impact start-up accelerator – on social media (Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, medium, Mailchimp). Main responsibilities:

  • Create content (photoshoots, writing blog posts and social media captions, newsletters, podcasts)
  • Be connected to all networks and engage with our community (reply to comments, chat, use instastories, LIVE sessions, etc.)
  • Social Media marketing (facebook and Instagram)
  • Create a simple and effective analytics routine to monitor performance of our social media campaigns

We are aware this can feel overwhelming BUT it is important you know no one is EVER alone at MAZE and we are big supporters of learning by doing.



Internship position starting January 2020.



Working at the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation together with the MAZE family.

This person will team with Cristina (our Head of Comms).



We are receiving applications until November 30th and booking interviews afterwards.


Up for a challenge?

We are throwing a challenge to all applicants that goes as follows.

Imagine you worked at MAZE. Now:

> Write a blog post about Life on Mars (~300 words) and include illustrative photos (yours, Unsplash, google, you do you)

> Then, based on this article, prepare a

  • Facebook caption to share the blogpost link
  • LinkedIn caption to share the blogpost link
  • Instagram post (photo + caption) and instastory to illustrate the blogpost (canva can be your best friend here)
  • Short-list of 5 questions you would do to Elon Musk if you were to interview him on this matter

What do you say? If you find it interesting, email cristina@maze-impact.com directly with the answer to the challenge.


We are humbled by your will to join us and are looking forward to meeting you.


The MAZE family.


Group photo of MAZE Team in 2019