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MSM Fund

We are a €45M early-stage impact VC fund. We invest in talented teams that are using technology to solve for social and environmental challenges.

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Why is impact investing the greatest economic opportunity of our time?



AgroLeague is a platform giving all the tools and data a large scale farmer needs to increase margins in scaling regenerative farming.


Sojo is enabling circular fashion by being the go to platform for clothes alterations and repairs. Sojo is reducing the fashion industry’s high return rates and is increasing the lifetime of clothes.

Your Juno

Juno is an app that teaches anyone who identifies as a woman, or non-binary people, everything they need to know about money and investing.

Connect Earth

Connect Earth is building the infrastructure to build climate-conscious products. We consolidate and harmonise sustainability data and make it available through APIs and toolkits.


Learney is accelerating the rate at which people learn by providing personalized and interactive educational maps that break down complex subjects into modular learning blocks powered through the resources of the internet.


An online marketplace for buying and selling second hand clothing, shoes, and accessories that is accelerating the transition to a circular fashion economy.


Mindstone is a platform built to create better and continuous learning experiences and opportunities. Mindstone helps individuals and teams learn faster and remember more by keeping all the information in one place extracting and sharing key insights.


Clear is an evidence based precision nutrition solution that uses real-time bio-data to empower people at risk of diabetes, obesity and cardiovascular diseases take health into their own hands.


Enabling health teams to improve outcomes and streamline care by applying evidence-based knowledge through stepwise clinical pathways.


Going to the root-cause of chronic health issues so that people can win back their health with an evidence-based integrative medical approach

KETS Quantum Security

Kets is the leading quantum-safe hardware solutions provider that secures the world’s most valuable resource – information


Software sales training academy, providing an omnichannel portfolio of courses to up/reskill individuals

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