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MSM Fund

We are a €35M early-stage impact VC fund. We invest in talented teams that are using technology to solve for social and environmental challenges.

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Why is impact investing the greatest economic opportunity of our time?



Helping brick & mortar businesses build better relationships with their customers while becoming more sustainable.

Promoting tax transparency and accountability across the corporate sector.


Matchmaking and service delivery platform for high-quality senior home care.

tl;dv raised investment from MSM in 2020

Vanilla Steel

Vanilla Steel is an independent managed e-auction platform for the non-prime steel industry.


Menstrual cycles brand focused on reshaping the way people experience their entire cycles.

tl;dv raised investment from MSM in 2020


Interactive meeting recorder that empowers employees to live and work on their own schedule.

Outmind is part of the portolfio companies from MSM impact fund


The first fully plug & play internal search engine that accelerates access to relevant data which is spread among today’s workplace applications.

Knok is one of the partner companies of Mustard Seed MAZE impact VC fund.


House and video calls on demand, addressing the needs of the entire population, especially elders and children.


Sustainable delivery-first kitchens that use technology to reduce food waste and energy consumption whilst housing a selection of each city’s favourite restaurants and chefs.


HR tech solution that helps companies discover what their people value at every stage of the talent lifecycle, from attraction to management to retention.


On-demand microinsurance provider offering a digital system for risk calculation, matching, design of insurance terms and claims settlement for the circular economy.


The rental solution that is reimagining ownership by enabling products to be fully used, avoiding waste and promoting the shift towards sustainable consumption.

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