MAZE goes to Nova SBE

Nova SBE at the 1st edition of the Social Impact Day

On the 13th of November, Rita and Bennet participated in the panel entitled “How a business background is what the impact scene needs”. The purpose of the conversation was for Rita and Bennet to share their professional background and what made them opt for a career in impact investing, as a way of inspiring students to pursue a career with real purpose and to demystify what this all really means.

The main message? You don’t need to work directly in the social sector to have a purpose-driven career. Purpose can and should be fostered in any industry and it is up to each one of us to champion and support for such a change.

As real millennials ourselves we couldn’t be prouder of speaking for such a full and engaging audience. It was also extraordinary to see the University of the majority of our team so committed to driving real change through creating purpose-driven leaders.

Thank you Nova SBE and congratulations for your endless efforts.

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