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Corporates all over Europe are using MAZE tools to deliver bolder social and environmental outcomes. Learn how.

Social and environmental issues are complex in nature and require a range of tools and skills if they are to be addressed effectively. We work across audiences – corporates, ventures, public sector and investors – and deploy a range of tools – financing instruments, non-financial support, startegic design, gestão de impacto, entre outros.

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Cristina Almeida, MAZE Head of Platform, in the 2022 VC Platform Global Summit in New York

Applying a product mindset to test VC platform initiatives


This article reflects a talk delivered at the 2022 VC Platform Global Summit in New York. Minor adaptations have been made to accommodate recent updates and the written medium. As Head of Platform at MAZE, a European impact investing firm based in Lisbon, we have been applying a product mindset to test our platform initiatives […]


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