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O Aproxima é um programa que pretende apoiar municípios no desenho de respostas para a população idosa, nomeadamente no combate à solidão e na promoção de um envelhecimento digno.

MAZE has partnered with Área Metropolitana do Porto to promote dignifying ageing in the northern region of Portugal


Partnering with Área Metropolitana do Porto (AMP), we created a programme to support AMP’s municipalities focused on designing answers that fight solitude and promote a healthy ageing process. The programme groups projects in fields as at-home support, digital literacy, data collection and management and companionship to the elder. The percentage of residents in Portugal aged […]

Katrien Buys is the 2021 MAZE runner


Katrien is the 2021 MAZE Runner award winner. This ward distinguishes the relentless efforts of an individual or a collective in tackling social or environmental challenges.

The third cohort of Maze X receving the announcement of selection in March 2021.

Meet Maze X new cohort


Maze X’s third edition is going live, remotely, on April 19th. The third cohort was selected in a thorough assessment that ended with the final selection committee comprised of MAZE, the Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation, the Edmond de Rothschild Foundations, PLMJ, BNP Paribas and Hospital da Luz Learning Health.

Photo by Cliford Mervil from Pexels

The Rise of the Regenerative Entrepreneur


Entrepreneurs are now entering a new era where transparency, accountability, and impact measurement is becoming the new norm. Just as the scale of our collective challenges call for more meaningful change, entrepreneurs are now being asked to shift from a sustainable to a regenerative mindset.

Buying and selling carbon credits from nature, a good deal to support biodiversity conservation and restoration efforts?


The use carbon credits from nature to finance conservation and restoration efforts is growing. This approach holds incredible potential, on paper, but has major challenges to overcome. Through months of research, Maze is moving forward. The conclusions are presented in this article.

António Miguel at an MSM investor dinner.

The impact of the European funds on impact


The European funds had a positive impact on social innovation in Portugal. The impact in the coming years depends on the decisions that will happen in the very near future. Losing this opportunity now means that we will only be able to have it again six years from now. Continuing the work done means getting closer and closer to finding better solutions to the problems we face.


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