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Cristina Almeida is the Head of Platform at MAZE, an impact investing company based in Lisbon

What we mean by platform


plat·form: female noun, which refers to a horizontal and levelled surface, higher than its surrounding floor. In Lisbon’s colourful trams, the platform is the step that supports the departing and arriving passengers. In the entrepreneurial lingo, it has a technological connotation, referring to a computing system. In abstract, it is also a collective of meaning […]

O Aproxima é um programa que pretende apoiar municípios no desenho de respostas para a população idosa, nomeadamente no combate à solidão e na promoção de um envelhecimento digno.

MAZE has partnered with Área Metropolitana do Porto to promote dignifying ageing in the northern region of Portugal


Partnering with Área Metropolitana do Porto (AMP), we created a programme to support AMP’s municipalities focused on designing answers that fight solitude and promote a healthy ageing process. The programme groups projects in fields as at-home support, digital literacy, data collection and management and companionship to the elder. The percentage of residents in Portugal aged […]

Katrien Buys is the 2021 MAZE runner


Katrien is the 2021 MAZE Runner award winner. This ward distinguishes the relentless efforts of an individual or a collective in tackling social or environmental challenges.


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